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The Triton Tap Brewing Process




There’s a reason you hear serious brewers talk so much about the water they use in their beer: if the water isn’t right, the beer isn’t right.

Triton uses an expensive reverse osmosis filtration system that allows us to strip water down to its core – two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. From there, we build water “recipes” to make sure, for example, that the water we use in our American IPA is perfectly calibrated to make the Railsplitter an instant classic!

You can make an IPA with other water, and it might be great, but it’s a knockoff recipe – like a New York slice served in Toledo, or pasta primavera dished in Des Moines. Maybe great, but not the real thing. We’ve gone out of our way to get the water right, so the beer is right.

We’re just as passionate and just as detailed about the rest of our ingredients and processes, but you get the point: someone’s making beer on purpose to give your grown-up tastes something to appreciate.

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